Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Day

Well, I'd love to be playing warcraft but my computer will shut itself off after a few minutes of game play : ( No good! So I'm working more on some knitting projects. I am trying to find a way to organize my yarn stash and other items. I'm running out of bags to stash things in! I have picked up some more needles and am going to try do knit up some hats for charity with a friend. Which means learning to knit on dpns and learning to knit in the round. I want to order a set of dpns from knitpicks but think I should try it out first & make sure I can get it before I spend that much money. I also want to work on some kitty mats (like big pot holders) for our local humane society. I've found some cute patterns for some toys too. As I'm searching for patterns I'm finding a lot of crochet patterns I like so I just might pick that up again. I used to crochet when I was younger but quit when I got into high school and haven't picked it up again. But I think I just might? I was hoping to get some landscaping done this weekend, but I think the rain will keep me indoors knitting and blogging! After all the projects last weekend and a crazy work week, I need some relaxation.