Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Magic Loop - Conquered!

I finished my first hat & my first magic loop project last week! It was a little tricky at first to get the hang of magic loop & I was carefull to keep track of where I was so I didn't get lost in the pattern. The hat had spikes sewn to the top & that was kinda tricky too & took a few times for me to get them where I wanted them. But I finished it & it turned out pretty cute! I made some errors & you can see them when you look for them but I don't think a non knitter would notice them. I showed it to a few people at work & one girl asked if I would knit one for her son if I had time. I like that she & others like my knitting when I show off my hard work but I can't get caught up doing projects for everyone that asks. But the compliments are nice!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back to Knitting

Well things seemed to have settled down these last few days, everyone has gotten into the new routine and, though the stress is definately still there, we are managing it better. I got back to my knitting project! I am almost finished with a hat for a friend's baby, due later this summer. I figured out the magic loop method and also knitting in the round! The hat is a dino hat, it has spikes knitted on the top. I just need to sew on the spikes. Trickier than you think, it's not too easy to keep the stitching neat & in a straight line. But the distraction has been very helpful. I also got back to the wedding plans :)

I have felt so blessed these last few weeks, we didn't have any injuries in our family and didn't lose any loved ones in the storm. The person to thank for that is Jesus. He kept my family safe and has a plan for us. I'm very curious to see what that is.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I'm mad. Ever since the tornado I'm mad about everything. My power keeps going out, it makes me mad. The dog is barking in the back yard, that makes me mad. Work has no a/c and we are working during the hottest part of the day. THAT makes me mad. (We have fans & window a/c unit in the office so they are trying to keep it cool) The kids are arguing, it makes me mad. I can't figure out my knitting project, it makes me mad. My wedding cake lady's house & business were destroyed, it makes me mad. The restaurant doing my catering is gone. That makes me mad. My site for the bachelorette party is destroyed beyond recognition like everything else & that also makes me mad. Everything makes me mad. I'm usually a patient person & very easy to get along with. But right now, I'm mad. I wish this stupid tornado would stop bugging me when I sleep & go away & let everything go back to normal. I hate feeling this way, that also makes me mad! Ok, I think I'm done now