Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mountains & yarn soothe my soul

I just got back from visiting friends in Colorado, and visiting an awesome yarn store! I bought yarn to make some fingerless gloves for me & a couple of friends. There was so much beautiful yarn it was hard not to go crazy & buy tons of it! (I still went a lil crazy! But hey, it's vacation right?) I'm excited to work on these projects but have to finish the one I'm working on & another one before I'll allow myself to cast onto the fingerless gloves. But both projects are quick knits so it won't be long.

The trip to Colorado definately soothed my soul a bit after the recent events of the tornado. I felt a bit normal & went thru a city that didn't look like a wasteland & trees actually had bark & leaves on them. But my heart sank when I got back home & saw my tornado ravaged city. I feel like I'm not doing enough to help. I still have my home & my loved ones & my things. I need to do more to help. I am working on some squares for a group project on Ravelry for the Heart in Hand group. I help my friends with a shoulder and an ear when they need it. Little things like borrowing a vehicle, helping to shop for lost items, cleaning out destroyed homes. But I still feel like I can be doing more. I pray that God leads me to do what I am meant to be doing. I want everyone to feel a sense of normalcy in just one moment of everyday.