Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm a snob

So the yarn shopping trip I mentioned in my previous post was accomplished today. I went to Michaels and found some cool yarn. It's soft, machine washable, cool colors.... I could've had a better price tag but oh well! I didn't find any yarn for the baby blanket, nothing was soft enough. I am usually drawn to all the color options in the acrylic yarn, but it's not soft enough for me. It's scratchy, I wouldn't want my baby wrapped up in a scratchy acrylic blanket! Or my dog's sweater made out of that! So I looked at other softer (and more expensive) yarn but wasn't happy with the colors. I did find some yarn for the fingerless gloves I want to make, found some soft yarn for the charity dog sweater project, and also got some sugar n cream brand for the gulf wash cloths. (Found out today that project deadline has been extended to the end of summer, yay!) So it was a very productive shopping trip. Also picked up some crochet hooks, we'll see where that goes. I think I will do some shopping online for the yarn I want for the baby blanket. I've got some time to look so I'm not worried yet. But I've come to the conclusion that I can't use the scratchy acrylic for just any project. I want something softer and better to knit with. Yes, I've become a yarn snob

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Knitting on a road trip = Disaster!

So we went to the Houston area for vacation last week, a 9 hour drive from where we live. My first thought, I'll have tons of time to knit while in the car :D I was working on a pattern I got online so I didn't have it with me, it was only 4 different rows that repeat so surely I would remember? Well I did remember but somehow got backwords on my rows so the whole project had to be frogged. I was so dissapointed in myself! I should've printed out the pattern and brought my sheet from home that I marked my place down on. Then it wouldn't have gotten messed up. So I decided to put that project away for a while and work on a new one. The old one still upsets me! lol But the new one is going well, and yes I have the pattern and everything all right in front of me. It may be a while before I try to knit on the road again, maybe I'll stick to playing with the radio for now . . . .

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Day

Well, I'd love to be playing warcraft but my computer will shut itself off after a few minutes of game play : ( No good! So I'm working more on some knitting projects. I am trying to find a way to organize my yarn stash and other items. I'm running out of bags to stash things in! I have picked up some more needles and am going to try do knit up some hats for charity with a friend. Which means learning to knit on dpns and learning to knit in the round. I want to order a set of dpns from knitpicks but think I should try it out first & make sure I can get it before I spend that much money. I also want to work on some kitty mats (like big pot holders) for our local humane society. I've found some cute patterns for some toys too. As I'm searching for patterns I'm finding a lot of crochet patterns I like so I just might pick that up again. I used to crochet when I was younger but quit when I got into high school and haven't picked it up again. But I think I just might? I was hoping to get some landscaping done this weekend, but I think the rain will keep me indoors knitting and blogging! After all the projects last weekend and a crazy work week, I need some relaxation.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I think I may be addicted to yarn already! I made a trip to the local craft store yesterday for supplies, just gonna get some needles and stitch markers and other necessary things. And I left with some needed supplies & 4 new skeins of yarn in all sorts of pretty colors! I have no idea what I'll make with them but I don't care. They were pretty and I know I'll get creative and make some beautiful things with them. I'm still learning, I mean have learned 3 stitches so far, but I couldn't help myself. Now I'm off to learn more stitches & I need to find a way to store & organize my beautiful yarn and other supplies : )

Friday, March 12, 2010


So I'm kinda new to the blogging thing. I'm actually starting a couple of new things lately. Started playing WoW a few months ago, I've never been a gamer but needed a hobby so there ya go. I've also picked up knitting in the last couple weeks. I think I may be turning into a dork, but I like to think I'm just keeping an open mind. I like to be busy and learn new things so I think these two new hobbies will do the trick. I've always been around crafty people and wanted to find something that would suit me. I had some encouragement from family and inspiration from a friend so we'll see where this new hobby will take me! I can't belive how relaxing it is during the learning parts for me to sit and learn the basic stitches. I bought a book and found some videos and I've jumped right in. I'm excited to see the beautiful things I can create and who knows, maybe I'll inspire someone else to pick up knitting as well. Now if I can just stay patient enough to learn the basics before I start projects . . .