Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm a snob

So the yarn shopping trip I mentioned in my previous post was accomplished today. I went to Michaels and found some cool yarn. It's soft, machine washable, cool colors.... I could've had a better price tag but oh well! I didn't find any yarn for the baby blanket, nothing was soft enough. I am usually drawn to all the color options in the acrylic yarn, but it's not soft enough for me. It's scratchy, I wouldn't want my baby wrapped up in a scratchy acrylic blanket! Or my dog's sweater made out of that! So I looked at other softer (and more expensive) yarn but wasn't happy with the colors. I did find some yarn for the fingerless gloves I want to make, found some soft yarn for the charity dog sweater project, and also got some sugar n cream brand for the gulf wash cloths. (Found out today that project deadline has been extended to the end of summer, yay!) So it was a very productive shopping trip. Also picked up some crochet hooks, we'll see where that goes. I think I will do some shopping online for the yarn I want for the baby blanket. I've got some time to look so I'm not worried yet. But I've come to the conclusion that I can't use the scratchy acrylic for just any project. I want something softer and better to knit with. Yes, I've become a yarn snob

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