Thursday, April 14, 2011

I would like a day to knit please

It has been one crazy work week this week! I've only knitted twice this week & feel like it takes me forever to finish anything. I read on other's projects that they knit up this hat in a few hours or a scarf in a weekend, REALLY?! I'm no where near that kind of pace. I've taken about 5 weeks to knit this scarflet I'm working on, only about 3 repeats left then blocking. Does this amazing speed come with experience? I really hope so. I've got a list of things I want to knit this year & I know there's no way I'm going to get them all done. Maybe I'll get half the list done. I'm way to ambitious with my knitting. I also have projects for me that I want to get started on. There's just not enough time. And with the oldest boy's sports starting up there will be practices to go to along with the band concerts, there are 2 weddings & bridal showers to go to & I've got my own wedding coming up in August so tons of stuff to do there! And don't forget all the holidays & add in 5 birthdays & my schedule is PACKED! ha ha Just listing all that I have going on makes me tired, I think I'll go to bed early tonight!


JelliDonut said...

YOUR wedding?!??! Congratulations!

I almost always have some sort of very simple project going, something I can keep in my huge purse and whip out whenever I have five minutes. It really helps.

Yeah, your scheduled made me tired too!

serenewaves said...

Thank you :) I could've used a knitting project when I was at the pharmacy today! I think I will always keep one in my purse, I carry big purses so could easily get a small project bag in there. Thanks for the tip :)