Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Married Life

Well the wedding & honeymoon were wonderfull! It's now back to regular life, only with the married part ;) Things have calmed down (well as calm as they get around here!) and I'm back to working on some wonderful projects. I have 2 that are secret projects but I promise I will be sharing them in the next few months when I can. I'm also working on a baby hat for an expecting friend and I hope to cast on to some fingerless mitts for me sometime this fall. I don't know if it's me getting older or the events of this summer or both put together but I have never been looking forward to fall like I am this year. The weather this summer has been horribly hot & humid with record temps and the tornado was front & center in everyone's summer activities & conversation. I'm ready for the next season, ready to move on. A season of cooler weather, rebuilding, and leaving that stupid tornado in the summer of 2011. Fall of 2011 is a season of my friends getting their homes back & businesses reopening. I am looking forward to some chick fil-a for lunch, cupcakes by liz for desert & having dinner with friends in their homes. C'mon fall!

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